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Dealer Demo Show at Starr Fireworks and Bada Boom Fireworks in May

The COVID already came to an end and had its closure, it was a very long hard time for us and we haven't set our foot on the soil of the United States since the breakout in 2019.

In this May of 2023, Black Scorpion team will bring the new products and carry out 2 demos at Starr Fireworks and Bada Boom Fireworks, we are very proud and happy that Black Scorpion is accepted and liked by a bunch of great people in the states, and it's great to see these wonderful events take place!

Starr Fireworks - Largest Fireworks Selection in Fargo, ND


Demo time: May 6th, 2023

Bada Boom Fireworks - Pennsylvania's Premier Fireworks Stores


Demo Time:  May  20th, 2023