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NAME : Destroyer

A: red tail to brocade crown king+red&green strobe; B:green tail to red glittering willow+green&gold strobe; C:red tail to brocade crackling willow+red; D:tail of special whistling to chrys; E:brocade tail to brocade crown.

A: green tail to brocade crackling willow+green; B:blue tail to gold glittering willow+blue; C:red tail to ti-gold palm+red&white strobe; D:green tail to ti-gold palm+green&gold strobe; E:tail of special whistling to chrys; F:brocade time rain tail to brocade crackling willow.

A:red crossett; B:green crossett, AB alternating; C:silver spin tail to red&white strobe; D:silver spin tail to green&gold strobe; E:silver spin tail to chrys; F:red tail to brocade crown red; G:green tail to brocade crown green; H:blue tail to brocade crown+blue.

A:brocade time rain tail to brocade crackling willow; B:brocade tail to brocade crown; C:tail of special whistling to chrys; D:chrys mine to red tail to ti-thunder.

ondersoek Nou

Product details

Tipe: Saamgestelde

Grootte: 855x360x234mm

Kaliber: 20mm & 25mm & 30mm

Skote: 254

NEC: 3871g

CBM: 0.095

Verpakking: 1/4