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NAME : Sky Shooter

A:red tail to brocade crown red; B:blue tail to brocade crown blue; C:purple tail to brocade crown purple, alternating; D:brocade crown tail to purple green bule+chrys; E:red tail to brocade crown+blue; F:red tail to brocade crown+red; G:green tail to brocade crown+red glitter; H:brocade crown tail to brocade crow+chrys,alternating; I:red tail to red green blue+chrys; J:green tail to green palm+white glitter; K:brocade crown tail to brocade crow blue+purple; L:red tail to red glitter+chrys

A:green tail to green yellow purple+time rain; B:red tail to red green blue+crackling; C:blue tail to yellow palm+silver palm; D:red tail to red palm blue+white glitter; E:red tail to chrys+red glitter; F: red tail to silve palm+red blue; G:blue tail to yellow palm blue+chrys; H:red tail to brocade crown purple+crackling; I:time rain tail to brocade crown+time rain willow; J:time rain tail to time rain willow

Pangutana Karon

detalye Product

Type: Compound

Size: 600x300x185mm

Kaliber: 25mm

Mga Pagpusil: 200

NEC: 2000g

CBM: 0.041

Pagputos: 1/2