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Stenda nr. 54, 2021 NFA EXPO. dhe Demo Night më 13 shtator në Erie, PA

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CHILI FIREWORKS is proud to present ourBLACK SCORPION BRANDnew items for 2022 season at NFA DEMO NIGHT this September in Erie, 

Pennsylvania, you are more than welcome to pay a visit, ourbooth No.:54,Demo night: Sep. 13th(Monday).

In the first half of 2021, we had many visitors and subscribers on youtube come online to watch our new products videos and had great rates there, thanks 

for the comments and views. Further, inquiries flooded into our webpage and we received all of that. Now we bring some of them to  the demo, if you are 

available and interested to see our awesome products in person, come to the NFA expo. to enjoy the shoot-off. 

This time we send our 25 items including 200gram and 500gram multiple shooters in fan-shapes, big tube sizes with large breaks, and epic 500 gram 

burimet too, and one of our upcoming 6" Canister shells - Make America Great Again. You don't wanna miss them! 

And this is also the 1st time that we use on-line platform called Fireworks World to communicate  with our customers due to the COVID, nobody has 

ndonjëherë done this before and let's look forward to that, talk to us and discuss with us about our demo.  Remember ourbooth number:54

Here are some trailers of ourI RIitems in the NFA DEMO, enjoy:

booth plan

Trade Show Address

Bayfront Convention Center

1 Skelë Sassafras

Erie, PA 16507

Demo Site Address

Lake Erie Speedway

10700 Delmas Drive

North East, PA 16428

Për informacion të mëtejshëm:www.nationalfireworks.com/nfa-expo-information