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Намоиши виртуалӣ барои Мавсими 2021

“As the coronavirus pandemic continues, consumer fireworks sales, including sparklers and firecrackers, have more than doubled. But imports from China, which supplies more than 90% of the world's fireworks, stalled earlier this year, and industry leaders expect a supply shortage in coming days.”
- from CNN Business


The season of 2020 in the United States is weird as 1.3G fireworks display got all canceled , so the booming of 1.4G consumer fireworks makes America run out of stock real quick. As soon as the 4th of July celebration is over, our new products demo this year are all moved on-line due to the inevitable COVID-19 situation right after the summer stop.

We developed a whole new list of products including US items of 500gram cakes, roman candle barrages, smokes, also European items of compound fireworks, mines, fountains and etc in a very interesting way of introduction in the demo video, meanwhile, new series are all contained in the demo list.


Eye-catching label designs, nice and neat performance, strength of powder with heart-beating tempo and sounds, this could be the best demo of Chili Fireworks ever organized, go and check it out by the link below, your comments and inquiries are more than welcomed.